1. Aris Allen Men\'s Black Retro Dance Running Sneakers
  2. Aris Allen Men's Black Retro Dance Running Sneakers

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    Aris Allen men's black ultra-light retro dance sneakers feature suede soles and are styled like 1980s running sneakers.

    Flexible suede leather bottom sole.
    Light as a feather

    Men's black dance sneakers - also perfect for women who wear large sized shoes.

    This is a feather light dance shoe styled to look like an Eighties running shoe. Because of its light weight and suede sole you will be surefooted on the dance floor while still being able to slide and spin. So now you can look like you're wearing ordinary sneakers without endangering your knees by dancing on rubber soles.

    Size selection is from 7-13.

    *If you request other sizes, please contact us from "CONTACT US" page.

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