1. Aris Allen Men\'s Black Canvas & Herringbone Spectator Captoe Dance Shoes (Black Laces)
  2. Aris Allen Men's Black Canvas & Herringbone Spectator Captoe Dance Shoes (Black Laces)

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    Aris Allen Men's Black and Herringbone Canvas Wingtip Swing Dance Shoes. Reminiscent of early 20th century mens sport shoes. A casual version of men's classic Blucher Wingtips constructed in microfiber lined canvas with contrasting stitching and layered color soles The Blucher construction (extremely variable at the shoelaces) makes these easily fit a variety of widths.

    • Color: Black and herringbone with contrasting grey and black stitching. Black and white sole.
    • Shoelaces included: 1 pair of solid black.
    • Sole: The suede-bottomed sole is incredibly light and flexible - basically: not made for hiking - and should not be worn on the street.
    • Hell: 7⁄8 inc heel
    • Foodbed: Cloth covered foam
    • Construction: These are constructed in a "distressed" fashion. Entirely handmade with raw edges, woven fabric, heavy stitching, etc. These are not dress shoes - the workmanship is done in a casual style by design.
    • Weight: Feather-light. These are absolutely minimalist (on purpose). The light weight and low heel gives you incredible agility on the dance floor - perfect for dancers of all skill levels.
    • Size selection: 7.0-13.0
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