1. Nail Jewelry Crystal Glass & Gel (CJP-2)

    Price:  $6.00

    Jewelry type nail stickers with Crystal Glass & Gell

    This beautiful nail sticker gives you outstanding sparkles by using Swarovski crystals and other components and they look even more beautiful matching the crystals on your dance costume! One package includes 10 stickers (for all fingers).

    BN Inc. is a patentee for this 3D sticker in Japan and has made this easy, safe and long-lasting nail art sticker. The delicate and difficult process of laying out single rhinestones has been made easy with this convenient sticker that instantly creates beautifully finished nail art.

    How to put the stickers:

    1. Buff your nails with a nail buffer.
    2. Apply desired nail polish onto nails. Wait until they dry completely.
    3. Fold a sheet and remove nail stickers with tweezers.
    4. Put them onto your nails.
    5. Finally apply Topcoat to maintain the nail stickers on nails.

    *Please use nail polish remover to remove stickers.
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