1. Aris Allen Women\'s Navy Blue Canvas Captoe Dance Shoes
  2. Aris Allen Women's Navy Blue Canvas Captoe Dance Shoes

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    Ultra cute women’s Navy Blue Canvas Captoe Swing Dance Shoes. Reminiscent of early 20th century women’s sport shoes. Constructed in a casual style with an adorable round toe and contrasting shoe laces.
    • Color: Navy blue canvas with navy blue stitching. Blue and white sole.
    • Shoelaces included: 1 pair of blue and white striped, 1 pair of solid white (so you can get your “sailor” look on).
    • Sole: The suede-bottomed sole is incredibly light and flexible - basically: not made for hiking - and should not be worn on the street.
    • Heel: Low 3/4 inches heel

    NOTE: This style is also offered for men! Perfect for couples who wear matching outfits, for costuming a dance team, or backup dancers in a stage production.

    Size selection is from 6.0-11.0

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