What's New?

  • [08/01/2018]
    Make your own custom dance shoes!!!
    We are able to customize heel height, strap shape, insole type, and also all parts with fabric to create a pair of your own special dance shoes that will fit comfortably. We also accommodate orders for different width.

  • [03/11/2018]
    We offer discount program to the members of the Japan Country & Line DanceSports Federation (JCLDSF) when the JCLDSF members purchase at our online store

    Here is the discount program detail;
    • 5% OFF for the JCLDSF members
    • 15% OFF for the JCLDSF member instructors
    • *Discounts will be applied when you enter your coupon code at checkout.
    • *If you are a JCLDSF member and do not know the coupon code, please contact us from the“COUNTACT US” page.